Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

one of the things i think i miss most about living completely by myself was the freedom.

the freedom to come home stupid drunk and waltz around in my living room, wearing nuthing but my bottom underwear (no top, no bra), as i searched drunkenly for just the perfect tanky toppy to go along with my undies (translate: something comfy and clean), or to just throw my hands up in the air and crawl under the covers completely nude.

here, i have to conduct that entire search only in our bathroom, never to open the door until the search is complete.

yes, i'm drunk. not as bad as sometimes, but certainly feeling no pain. i downed some asprin and water, in hopes that when i wake up early to go to work, that i won't be wishing whatever boat i was on to stop a rockin. if that makes any sense.

my brother and i had fun tonight. we sang The Time Warp at Cronis, and had SOOO much fun doing it, and had soooo many people come to our table afterwards to tell us how wonderful we were and to beg us to come back again. it was hilarious seeing double takes as i switched from Magenta to Columbia's voices in the song. tee hee hee. onionsniper said she will take us to the horror picture show in two saturdays, so that my brother and i can be devirginized together. i'm so very excited about this. 28, and still a virgin ^_^

we went to portland after the karaoke bar closed, can't remember the name of the bar. did it start with a W? drank another beer that i SO didnt' need.. talked with my brother very loudly in front of other people about old stories when we were kids... about how i challenged him to a race of wrapping yarn around our hands and how he almost lost his hand because of it, about how we held a parade of different hats (which consisted of underwear as makeshift hats), how i kneeled on a nail and my knee got swollen and horrid and how he rolled over in the middle of the night and inadvertantly kicked the shit out of it (when we were obviously still young enough to share the same bed).. there were others, but i don't remember them at the moment. remind me to tell you sometime.

i also asked him if he ever saw me getting married. he said no. i asked him if that's partially because he's never seen me in any sort of long term relationship, but he said that he thinks it's because he never sees me clad all in white, doing the walking down the aisle in the church thing.

i often wonder if anyone ever sees me getting married or being in a long term relationship. being as old as i am, and never having anything that lasted over 2 months, certainly doesn't help. i can't count the times that someone left me, right around that two month mark, for some other girl, usually a past girlfriend.

but i will stop dwelling. as i said, i've had too much to drink. and i must get up early.

so i shall stop the post....



right here.

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