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have you ever been .....

have you ever wanted to write, just for the sake of writing, even if you don't have anything to say, and even if anything that comes out may sound like jibberish?

"the rakey dake from gloobersville hath crayonned the anomale of what was once the flootersvick," you would say. "can't they see what the children of the fosserkin wagonned through their covered wasp?" you become irritated, because no one can give you a difinitive answer. "BLUEBIRD CARRYON! REDBIRD FLEECE CARPET!" you scream! still, there's no answer. the walls close in.

have you ever closed your eyes and danced slowly in your living room, letting the music fill your every being, becoming one with the emotion, everything that is your sway? you smell the gray smoke from the smoke machines. you feel the strobe light flashing on your heated skin. you can sense the other beings around you, swaying in their own music? the song ends. your eyes slowly open, and you become surprised - and sad - that you're only in your own living room, alone once again?

have you ever wondered where it all begins and where it all will end?
Tags: aubreyisms, depression, random

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