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note to self:

when you are choosing to over accentuate yourself while lip synching to Journey that you heard last night, make SURE your mother is completely asleep, and not watching you. even though it's your mother, you will still be embarassed and be forced to backpedal and explain at length exactly what you were doing and why.


so um yeah. hungover. again.

i don't remember my dreams, cept that i was in a school.. they turned on the alarms, right as i realized that i left something in my locker, and i was convinced the alarm was going to go off. i also spent part of the dream pushing around a shopping cart with little decorative boxed haunted houses like they sell at Michaels. i was also doing really bad Zim impersonations in my dream, too.

pictures were taken last night. i may or may not let you see them. so there.

things i remember from last night:

- bonding with onionsniper when i let her know that yes, i met jani lane from warrant, fairly recently (read: like 5 years ago, not 10), and was pseudo friends with Pretty Boy Floyd.

- i got to play dj for a bit, on which i tossed on something jessie had on his comp by hypnogun. onionsniper remarked "omg! it's zeppo's husband!

- hearing thee longest, most horrible rendition of "Dont Let the Sun Go Down on Me"

- getting MUCH more excited and having ENTIRELY too much fun when someone sang Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine"

- hearing Journey makes me happier than i ever expected.

- people here are sooo freaking friendly. random people just came and plopped down at our table, and was welcomed by all.

- the wondertwins were wearing plaid. that's how you could tell we were related. the synchronized dancing had NOTHING to do with it.

fleas like me this morning. that makes me angry. when anyone else gets a flea bite, does it swell way the freak up like it's a mosquito or spider bite, before shrinking back down into a tiny lil flea bite hours later? my family members swear this doesn't happen to them. could i be allergic?

it's been awhile
and it's gonna be...

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