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the phone rang a zillion times this morning. in my half awakeness, i thought that maybe my dad was calling, or someone was calling to give me bad news about my father.

i didn't realize it was going to be about my OTHER father.

my stepfather, brosely's dad, had a heart attack last night. he had to be sent to a hospital a state away, it was so bad. he is currently in Memphis, Tennessee.

He is in ICU until further notice.

I feel.... sick.

I'm so thankful i'm home from work today, so that i wouldn't have to deal with this there.

Ray was, in a lot of respects, more of my father than my real father. i mean, my real biological father has always been daddy to me, and he and i have a good relationship now that i'm grown and everything, but Ray was there from the time i was 2 years old, until 20, when i stayed with him briefly, shortly after our mother had been thrown in prison, before moving to arizona. We still have a great relationship.

God, i don't know how to deal with this. i wouldn't know how to even BEGIN to deal with this, should we lose him.

i'm going to go be with my brother now.

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