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i can tell i'm in gayville, cuz i SO want to hear MORE Erasure. *dances and sways with the music*

so they get me liquored up and want to take me dancing? schah. carry me? pweeze?


ooh, joey's putting in more Erasure! woo! *drinks more applequila* wooo!

glenn is joey's boyfriend. he's from australia. he is fun. he says funny things. i told him that i want to have his accent down pat by the time i get home. quotes so far:

"ooh, joe, this says "turn off", what does it do? oops, i turned it off!"
"she'll be apples!"
*drinks more applequila*
and there's more, but i can't think of them now, i'll get back to you later.

you know? people really should be grounded from their journals while drinking tequila.

we were falling in love with others
looking out for others
our sisters and our brothers

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