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wanted to update again quickly before things get going tonight...

party at joe's :) we went shopping, the or-doorves are out (so not trying to spell it..), wine glasses ready for champagne cocktails later, lots of liquor boughted, candles have been lit, and music is pumpin in the background :) i guess everyone will be showing up starting in about a half hour.

so i guess i should change clothes and do make up, hm?

more great fun was had last night, went to Round-Up... can't quite explain much about it, but to say that it was great fun, and that we may go back tonight. i also had a girl hit on me in the span of about 5 min. Glenn and i were dancing to some disco, and she came out and was flailing around me, saying 'ooh, yooooou got the rhythm in yoooou! yooou goooo, girl! wooo!'

it would have been cute and endearing, had her dancing not been so frightening. i thought she was going to thwap me with her hellicopter legs, or take flight with her flapping chicken wings.

and going to gay/lesbian clubs reminds me how frustrating men are, but i would miss penis too much to become a lesbian.

I FINALLY FINISHED BOOK FIVE IN THE WHEEL OF TIME SERIES! e freaking GADS, that took a long time. how long, you ask? i started the thing a few MONTHS BEFORE i left arizona. not reading before bed every night makes things go much slower than usual. so i start book six prolly tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. the last few chapters had me freaking at the edge of my seat, beginning with *cough* trying to kill *ahem* out of the blue, but he offing her instead, and then the death of *sniff*.. wow. good book.

but this trip has been wonderful and relaxing for me, liver damage aside ^_^... *sips sex on the beach* tomorrow holds us getting up early and going to lunch to discuss.. *recoils in horror as joe runs his hand across her neck with warm, wet hands* stuff... and then my flight leaves at 3. jess? tell mom i get back in at 1030 ish... and can phil pick me up? and can you go with him? thnx.

i almost dread coming back to the miserable weather and stressful living conditions and horrid jobs. argh. but i so needed this trip.

i'm off to change and finish getting ready, then :)

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