Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo


i'm home. parts of me is happy to be here, parts of me are sad..

had a FIVE HOUR layover in denver. if i hadn't tossed my address book idiotically into the bag i checked, and if i hadn't been lazy, i might have tried to send postcards to the people who's addresses i had gotten before i left.

i'm a bit hungry, i had Panda Express the moment i got off the plane in Denver, but that was almost 12 hours ago our time. the complimentary bag of cheez-its aint gonna do it, nosirree.

i got about 200 pages into book Six of the Wheel of Time series... part of me is disappointed that it isn't more. my brother reads like a fiend in heat (translation: quickly), but i tend to read slower, i guess. i like to turn things round in my head, savor every word, read the hidden meanings.

or maybe not. maybe i get distracted easily. i would read awhile, then get up and make the walking transit from one end of Terminal A to the other, in case i missed anything the first fifty times through.

i'm now downloading the 142 emails i got while i'm gone. i wonder just how many of those are real emails, not yet more advertisements for weird drugs, Viagra, or penile enlargements.

also, if you haven't done so, and wish to do so, email me your mailing info at aubkabob@qwest.net :) and if you need me to post mine again, lemme know.

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