Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

dream a little dream of me...

weird ass dreams last night, and i hadn't even slept that long:

dream #1: i was at a Renaissance Festival, and there was some heavenly singing. i followed it to a booth, where there were women acrobats around, and two girls in full Renn garb standing in a doorway, singing. i stood there, listening in awe, and realized they were missing a middle harmony. so i began adding my own, filling out the music. their mistress (who looked like a frumpy bar mistress in days of yore), announced that they would be needing another person to apply to be part of their entourage. i jumped up and down, stating i could sing with them. she shook her head and said that they had enough singers, that i couldn't be a part of them, since i didn't know how to juggle and ride a unicycle, or any other such thing. i sat on a little dusty, grassy mound to the left of them and sang my heart out with them anyway. when waking immediately after this dream, i had even remembered the lyrics that we had sung. i don't remember them now, but think we were singing about someone named Somara.

dream #2: i was with someone, and we were going to break into a lab somewhere. i knew it was extremely risky, and sure enough, as soon as we pulled up, she got out of the driver's seat, and i saw James Earl Jones pulling up in another car, disguised as a limo driver. he and a couple of others got into the car and put a gun to my head, telling me i was going to cooperate. they then took me inside the lab, where i was forced to paint toasters with brown paint. the surface was weird, and my paint was runny, so mine turned out pretty bad. the mom from all of the National Lampoon Vacation movies and her kids finished way before me, but i was sent back to put another coat on, because you could still see the black stone underneath (the toasters were black stone for some reason.) i knew that john cusak was going to come rescue me, but that he was tied up in things for a little while. i was then walking outside with some scientist lady that worked there. she got stuck at the light, and i thought i might get away, because across the street was a man playing in a hammock with his children. but the stupid light wasn't changing, and i certainly couldn't walk across the street before it told me i could, even though there were no cars! she caught up to me, and i slyly told her she could trust me not to run away. she showed me a rare flower that held all of her passion as to why she was affiliated with the evil scientists.

dream #3: i was suddenly back in high school, but it was dorm like. we were never allowed away from the building. it was lunch time, but i had to go back upstairs and get my own milk. it was then that denise (my RL best friend all through high school) told me that there was a seating pattern. i frantically looked everywhere for the memo on this, and when i found it, i couldn't read who my partner was. it was then that she informed me that it didn't list specific partners, but that it was by the first letter of your last name, and that you were responsible for finding your own lunch partner. i recoiled in horror and dread because i remembered how much i couldn't handle socializing or talking to people in high school, and because since i knew that since i had come into the school year late, that everyone had already paired up, and that i would be an outcast.

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