Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, heyitsheather!!!

second of all, i think i want to die. i believe i'm glutton for punishment, anyway. i walked into work today, sleep deprived and not thinking, so when Michaels asked me "hey, aubrey, would you mind terribly working from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. tomorrow to help with the Christmas freight?" i spurt out an automatic 'YES! I WOULD LOVE TO! I AM YOUR UNENDING SERVANT! I LIVE AND DIE ONLY BY YOUR WISHES, OH GREAT ONE!'

okay, maybe not in those exact words, but either way, the moment i walked away, i thought "NO! I HAVEN'T SLEPT IN DAYS! OOOH THE HOOOORROOOR!!"

hearsay says the schedule for office max for next week comes out tomorrow. i wanted to probe as to whether or not i was stuck with my usual 10 - 6 shift on the saturday after halloween, but i refrained. too much effort to voice the words, anyhow.

how's THIS for irony? remember my dream last night about paiting the toaster? today found me at michaels in the paint aisle, stocking BROWN TEMPURA PAINT, the same size/kind that i used in my dream to paint the toaster. i had never been set to stock in that aisle ever before, so i found that HIGHLY ironic.

i also realized bad reasons to wear my office max uniform (including light khaki pants) to my job at michaels:

- about an hour into my shift, i popped open a package of green acrylic paint and got it ALL OVER ME. thankfully, the pants survived that.

- about 2 hours into my shift, i was trying to find the home planet for some plaster powder. while doing this, i was flipping an envelope of the plaster stuff back and forth, back and forth, in my hand. i walked around like this for at least a minute before i realized that there had been a hole in the bottom of it, and i was now covered all over my right side on my dark navy blue shirt with what looked like flour.

- about 3 hours into my shift, i popped open a package of bottles filled with stuff that antiques the hell out of METAL. there was a leak, and i flipped over the 3 bottles in the package in my hands for a few moments while trying to figure out which bottle had been the culprit. i then noticed a nice... burning... sensation.. on my fingertips. it was only then that i flipped the bottle over to read the warnings, which read: WARNING! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ALLOW CONTACT WITH THE LIQUID IN THIS BOTTLE AND YOUR SKIN. EYES ARE A REALLY BAD IDEA, TOO. IF YOU ARE IN CONTACT WITH THE LIQUID IN THIS BOTTLE, WASH UNDER RUNNING WATER FOR AT LEAST FIFTEEN (15) MINUTES!! IF IRRITATION PERSISTS, CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!!! so, while they were frantically calling me to my register, i was in the bathroom, scrubbing the holy hell out of my fingertips.

and nothing happened at office max, really. just more of the same, blah freakity blah.

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