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it's been oh so long since i've listened to my music... my stereo is packed up somewhere (no place to hook it up, anyway), and i couldn't find my headphones to listen to it on my computer..

i forgot how.. ALIVE... the music can make me feel, and filled with joy...

Better Than Ezra - R3wind
in my car, we are superstars
run your lipstick down your chin, while
up ahead we saw such a crash
right there a song became the soundtrack for this place and time...
(i remember how i used to say that this song WAS my signature soundtrack song, cuz it was happy and bouncy and displayed the reason why i always wanted to become a musician - to provide the soundtrack to others lives..)

Weezer - Hashpipe
i know that you don't care
but i want you to know...
(i always found that line funny, cuz for YEARS, i've said that line to people..)

Marvelous 3 - Every Monday
i was fucked up by five
talking nothing but jive
told the bartender he'd never take me alive
all of this because my favorite show was canceled last night on t.v...
(Butch Walker is one of my ultimate heroes when it comes to wordsplay in songs. i would LOVE to be able to come up with stuff like "you were cool as hell like email, but still timeless like a letter...")

Our Lady Peace - Potato Girl
You feel the madness growing
You know you just can't win
You know this...
(deep lyrics......mmmm, delicious madness..)

Jale - Tumble
in the absence, there's no problem
don't think about it
on the verge it remains
just an interesting topic..
(so eloquently puts the frustration into crushes *shakes fist*)

Toad the Wet Sprocket - All I Want
and it won't matter now
whatever happens will be
though the air speaks of all we'll never be
it won't bother me..
(so many emotions tied into this song, much like most other Toad songs...)

Adam McIntyre - High
but you don't mind
cuz you're high all the time, and you like it...
(hee *grin*)

October Project - Adam and Eve
and God said the reason had hung from the tree
but i feel the reason hanging on me
i am free of my innocence
falling too far
and helpless to change
and hopelessly lost...
(will i get to go see Mary Fahl in concert on the 2nd? i'll find out today, most likely, if i have the 2nd off..)

rasure - Chains of Love
How can i explain
when there are few words i can choose?
how can i explain
when words get broken?
(Erasure is so... FUN.)

4 Non Blondes - Train
what you gonna do, child
when your mommy goes away?
she won't take you, she'll lead you astray..
(Linda used to be one of my biggest influences. i SO wanted to be like her when i grew up..)

The Jellybricks - Speechless
i think about you twice a day
and smile in your presence...
(i need more Jellybricks..)

Nickel Creek - Beauty and the Mess
i pull myself under, and down i go again
it's just a little harder letting them in..
(i miss singing along nickel creek in my jeep the most...)

Imperial Drag - Dandelion
i'm a weed and no, you won't believe it
ain't it grand how love is blind?
so let the snow close your eyes for the night
and think of your dandelion..
(i forgot what a freaking SAD song this is..)

Anthrax - Got the Time?
if you ask me what i'm doing today
will you shut up and get out of my way..
(i remember when this came out, how everyone thought that lil Frankie Bello's bass solo was da BOMB.)

Jellyfish - Sebrina, Paste and Plato
far behind the forest of flying paper airplanes
grazing on the grounds of ponytails
the substitute is counting down her ticks to recess
hammering down to size her fingernails
because to day is the day Sebrina builds her box lunch buffet
kool-aid! sandwiches! and chips for all the shoulders!
(this used to be my answering machine message.)

Bakers Pink - The Noose, the Flesh, & the Devil
the steely blade cuts the life from our hearts
and we are gone
and if i can't have you..i can't go on..
(Michael Franano is still a massive influence to me. so much.. raw.. emotion in his songs. and this song's piano fills you with such.. longing..)

Tyketto - Seasons
seasons, they fly
stealing, they never will say why they come and go..
(i miss hair metal, some of it. maybe because it reminds me of a time in my life where things were SO much more simple...)

Cliff Hillis - Second Dimension
you can make it out alive
if you want to..
(i freaking LOVE this song. sent to me by pasquinade. i have SO many wonderful artists to thank that boy for!)

Sloan - Gimme That
still i can't decide
cuz my hands are tied..
(NEW SLOAN! I SO FUCKING NEED THIS CD!! i also DESPERATELY need to replace my stolen copies of Between the Bridges and Navy Blues and Pretty Together. i used to always have a tape with their 'greatest hits' recorded on it, sorted by who wrote/sang the song. i used to have a zillion of them laying around, but only one had been made after BTB came out, all of them were circa Navy Blues or newer. geez, i freaking MISS them. and now living in portland, i prolly have a better chance at catching them live - seeing as they never play arizona because of the whole patrick pentland arrested thing back on the smeared tour, that i prolly told you guys the story a zillion times over that they told me? if not, lemme know, and i'll tell it to you again..)

i slapped myself once right across the face
then pulled up anchor, hitched a ride out of this.. place...

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