Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

my day today was so off and horrid, i actually find it funny.

in retrospect.

- woke up this morning, after having a dream of renovating a house, saving a girl's life, and her not even thanking me for it. left the house about an hour and a half before i was supposed to be to work so that i could walk by somewhere and get something to eat.

- i'm at chevron, getting coffee. i'm reading something on the side of the coffee maker. "half gallon line? i'm so confused. why is the half gallon line ABOVE the full gallon line?!?" i look down to see my coffee hath runneth over. BIG time. coffee is still lava temperature, so i can't sip it up, and there is no where to pour it (or lift it without scalding 3 layers of skin off my hand).

- i finally solve the coffee situation, and get to my bus stop. about 4 other people are waiting for buses. the 4 bus pulls up right as i'm walking up, and i'm digging in my purse and pulling out a dollar. the bus stops. i walk up to the bus. the 4 other people wave their arms emphatically to inform the driver that it is not the bus they're waiting for. the bus takes off, without an aubrey aboard. fuck. this means i'm going to be late to work. because of missing a connection yesterday, i was late to work yesterday, too (5 min today, 4 yesterday...) i had been written up for being late a couple of weeks ago, and they said 'one more time, it's a final written. another time? termination.' maybe i'm dead. *shrug* it remains to be seen. hopefully the fact that i had gotten WAY better at being on time will help to counteract that? *shrug*

(anyhoo, i'm getting sidetracked...)

- so, i get to work late. two days ago, my headset stopped working. i get yelled at by Tony because i 'broke company merchandise', and he makes thee biggest deal ever about getting me a new one.

- we are SLAMMED. it takes me from 1030 am until 530 pm to put out two little boxes of brochures. during this time, i forget to give customers their change, i accidentally rip their receipts, i piss off people in line because the person in front of me can't figure out how to do a rebate, or because the 92 year old woman is writing a check (which takes approximately one week, in case you were wondering.). i end up with VERY many CRANKY, demanding people.

- i run next door to michaels really quick to check the schedule for the next week. for the last month and a half, i always have worked tuesdays, plus another day. i get in and see "aubrey - sunday - 1 to 6." they also amazingly have me closing all week, as well as working saturday morning. eeeerrrmkay. so i go up front to see who the manager on duty is, and i see my name scratched out angrily and in red letters 'NO SHOW'. Faith (the manager) comes up to me, glares at me, and says "good, i'm glad you're here. what i need you to do first is...." and starts prattling off a list of duties for the evening, although i'm standing there in full office max garb, name tag, headphones and radio, and no apron. i explain my situation. thankfully, she understood, and explained that a manager that normally does the schedule is still on vacation, so someone else wrote it up. problem (hopefully) fixed. unless they rescheduled me for tomorrow morning, which i don't know why they would, as there is no way i could possibly find out about it unless i set my alarm for 7 am and called. which i'm not going to do.

but that's about it. i bought some big rubbermaid 22 gallon tubs so that i can start sort of packing my stuff up and getting it out of the way at least and in one generalish spot for my move. i got my first money order (for $300) to send to the people to start paying off my debt for skipping out on my lease, and i'll call the apartment people tomorrow to see if they have called Maya Linda Apts. to verify i was NOT evicted, that i left of my own free will.

and sleep. i'm so craving me some sleep.

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