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so, what's everyone doing tomorrow night? (regardless as to whether or not you live near me...)

work went well, i am being scheduled for many more hours at michaels, which is a good sign, and the manager asked me if i could do more. i temporarily declined, due to my insistance of holding on to at least a BIT of my sanity.

freaking COLD today. currently 48 degrees, with a pumpkin floating in the sky, according to my weather pixie. i should go outside and check that out. they say that a cold front is coming in soon. and here myself and my erect nipples thought that we were already smack dab in the middle of it.

and i noticed something different about the hills today: there's SNOW up in them thar hills. i find this odd, seeing as i'm not USED to snow, for one. but for another, i'm used to them thar hills being diahrea brown, except the winter, when they become a greenish diahrea brown.

dreading working both my jobs tomorrow, but rest assured, i shall be inhaling caffeine by the bucketloads so that i may be at least a BIT bright eyed and bushy tailed for the party AFTER work(s).

who all's going to Hannah's?

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