Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

last night's recollections... what i recollect, anyway..

LONG day at work, but a good one. i got massive praise for working so hard at michaels (in front of all my coworkers), and got to do a demo for the customers (carving pumpkins - the result? the most hideous, scary concoctions ever.).. cashed my check, and office max was DEAD all night. we do $1500 in any given hour EASY, but from 4 pm on, our average hour transaction was about $200. got out early, drew came to pick me up and take me over to their house.

went to raygunzero's party at hannah's house. i remembered after we showed up the necessity to down beer VERY quickly in order to relax and to catch up to everyone already there.

i'm also wondering if i will ever become something other than "jessie's sister" round these parts. the majority of people didn't even say hello to me, just looked past me and gave me a dirty/weird look and said "where's jessie?" the only ones that actually GREETED ME were raygunzero, scaraharem, brittany, phallicmephisto, chixrin2me and that's it. i was asked repeatedly by the same people "hey, isn't your brother going to be here? when is jessie coming?", and most attempts at conversation were turned away. *shrug* everytime someone new came, and everyone was introduced, no one could remember my name, so it was always put "and this iiiiisss.. jeeeessssieees siiiiiisterrrrrr..." as they would say it slowly as they racked their brains for what the hell my name really was.

other random things i can remember throughout the night:

- bonding with some random girl on the bed as we drunkenly swayed back and forth and belted out all the words of "bohemian rhapsody" together, with others looking at us quite confusedly

- bonding with andrea and discussing our future roommatism together

- feeling the burning need to call andrea and greg only by their EQ names. and feeling glee at how they would look around for who was calling them at the first sound of "ENVIEE! CARNE!!!"

- feeling a tiny bit sad that no one called me Laeka in return (lol)

- the biggest dogs i have ever. seen. in. my life.

- a wedding that left me quite.. confused.

- more cigarette smoke in an enclosed space than i ever remember witnessing before (and someone commenting about it "geez, it was like they said 'hey, there's a wedding, lets SMOKE!'")

i'm sure that there's others, but i can't remember them at the moment. woke up this morning hung over, cramping, and bleeding, which surprised me (all but the hungover part). i thought i wasn't due for another week. *shrug*

i wonder if jess is sleeping. maybe i'll go eq myself to death.

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