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i'm FINALLY home.

from the day from HELL.

- woke up late.

- discovered that the bus doesn't run early enough to get me to my mandatory meeting, so i have to call a cab.

- cab is late, thusly causing me to be late. cab ride costs $14.

- between the meeting and working at OM, i walk to target to get some warm stuff (i.e. scarf, ear covering, and gloves). while walking on a curb to wait for cars to pass, i fall OFF curb and INTO traffic, in front of a moving vehicle.

- i kick back at target and read, cuz, after all, i DO have 2 hours between my meeting ending at 9 am, and my office max shift starting at 11 am. at 1030, i decide to meander to office max. i'm in a good mood, and humming "we're off to see the wizard". until i walk in at 1045 and see that i was starting not at 11, but at TEN. i am now 45 min. late. management is glaring at me and EXTREMELY angry that i'm late. again. at this point, i'm CONVINCED i will be fired by the end of the day.

- you know those teeny tiny lil tubes with scredrivers and such in them for repairing glasses? yeah. i accidentally dumped a GIGANTIC bucket of them EVERYWHERE.

- the day finally starts coming to a close. after several stupid idiotic mistakes that i had to call the manager over to fix, they finally close down my till. about 5 min later, i get called into the manager's office. i stupidly took a check for $21.99, when it had been for $24 something. yeah. i'll be hearing it from the head honcho for THAT, too. argh.

- before i leave, i want to finish the project they gave me earlier, before we got busy, and i got stuck on the register. so i print my labels, and make sure that everything at the register is priced. turns out that i totally screwed up a new project that they were working on for the evening, and now they had to start all over. they were an hour into it, so now EVERYONE closing tonight is stuck there because IIIIII decided i needed to print two little labels. i leave with everyone completely angry with me.

- while at work, because of feeling impending DOOM from being late AGAIN, i consider turning in my two week notice. i calculate my future finances and rent and such, and realize that at one full time job, with the hours i've been getting at both places lately, i would be making just a bit less than what i am busting my ass over two jobs. so i go over to michaels and talk to sonja about possibly going full time, seeing as management there loves me and say i'm a hard worker and since i know my stuff, it should be easier to just work me more hours, instead of hiring someone else to work another part time job. she says 'no can do, though we can try working you more hours than you are now, and see how that works out. i mgiht be able to boost you all the way up to 25 a week." (i'm currently getting 20.) turns out the only full time employees michaels is allowed to have is managers and department managers. bah freaking humbug. i'm still stuck at office max (unless they decide to fire me. which wouldn't surprise me.)

- mom and phil pick me up from work. great, i think, i don't have to ride the bus or walk home in the cold. we go shopping at WinCo. we are on the way home, and phil's car breaks down, mid intersection. we had to push the car through the other lane of traffic and into a parking lot (with no lights and with it pitch black outside). we sit in the freezing cold until phil's friend murphy came to pick us up.

i'm finally home, and finally fed. now it seems that my brother switched shifts with someone, neither mom nor i knew, and he's sposed to be there in like 5 min. he has no way of getting there, either.

is today over yet? at least, i don't have to work until 4. and yes, i'm sure it's 4.

and by the way, my new gloves are also falling apart already, so i need to take them back and exchange them, and i'm greatly saddened that it snowed everywhere AROUND us, but not HERE. snow at 300 ft. bah. if i'm freezing my ass off, i at least want to SEE something pretty.

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