Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

minimal update..

you may have noticed (or may have not) that i haven't been around lately. i haven't really had much of excitement to report, i spose, so i haven't really felt the need to do any updating. maybe it's a mini haitus.

i guess i just need time.. away.

i DID upgrade my computer. well, i'm in the PROCESS of upgrading my computer. as soon as a bit better video card in there, and additional hard drive space, everything will be zen. for now, anyway.

hitting possible snags in moving out. i hope that that's just what it is: a snag, and not a freaking brick wall. i hate... waiting... for verdicts.

due to the computer process thingie, it's been awhile since i have had access to my email, and will be a bit longer. now that i have more RAM and other nifty stuff (about twice the ram i had before..), i should be able to feel even faster, even on dial up.

let's hope.

and i need an economical harddrive.

but i'm sleepy, sitting at gwyn and andrea's after work. jimmy fallon is coming on now, so i must depart. well, that's not the real reason for ending this, but a reason.


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