Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

frigid meanderings at entirely too early in the morning...

first and most importantly:

i have been officially approved for my apartment.

i move out around the end of the month.

secondly, i chopped my hair. okay, not nearly as short as i did earlier this year, when i had hacked it off to above my shoulders, but i did cut off several inches. brosely and i went together to get it done down at the hair school, and for what i wanted done with it, my stylist had never done (razor cut), so the instructor did it. because the majority of the other people had never done it, either, soon there were many people standing around, asking questions about my hair and what he was doing. the best (funniest) part was when we were discussing how i had dyed my hair a temporary black color two halloweens ago and it had never come out. he said "well, i believe that african americans coined the phrase that we can use here, too: once you go black, you NEVER go back!" my original hair cutting person, an asian girl named Connie, didn't speak very good english, so she kept trying to ferret out what he meant. "but don't they already have black hair? do they dye other people's hair black a lot?" which made all of us giggle tremendously.

thirdly, the temperature freaking DROPPED something FIERCE last night. the last few evenings had been not too tremendously cold, and when jess and i were out and about yesterday, it seemed almost a WARM 58 degrees.

i woke up this morning when the alarm went off, laid there for a second, then mentally shrieked as i frantically yoiked the covers back tight around me. according to my weather pixie, it's 36 degrees, and jess says it's MASSIVELY foggy outside.

i would also like to know why in the world, when i have to get up at 530 the next morning, do i stay up until after 1? i mean, conan was funny and all, but geesh. i'm certain that when i get my own room again, that i shall be resorting to going to bed at a reasonable hour, and reading until i become sleepy (generally about 4 pages.)...

mmmm, my own room. *hugs herself with glee* i do need to find thee closest walking route to work, though.

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