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first of all, is there any particular reason why my harddrive drawer magically stopped closing? i mean, it does close, but then the light blinks orange 3 times, and it opens back up. it does this if there is a cd in there, or if it is empty. this angers me greatly.

second of all, ever do something... well, of course you have, but let me finish! ever be joking around with a group of people, and you're on a roll - you're witty and wonderful, and everyone is laughing at your jokes, then all of a sudden, you say something.... and realize IMMEDIATELY that you have gone too far, and that you have just managed to alienate every single person in that group with one fell swoop? erm, yeah, i did that yesterday at work.

we were joking around in our little headsets, cracking jokes back and forth (at office max, btw)... everyone was chuckling, and i felt like i was part of the group (for those that may not know, i have good social nights and bad social nights there, one reason why i freaking hate it, because it's like high school all freaking over again..). cathy went to grab my radio off of my waist, and began struggling, because it wouldn't release. when she did finally get it, although it was on my right side and to the back, she somehow managed to undo my belt and pull it out a bit. i chuckled and said into the radio (once i got it back) "cathy is trying to take my pants off!" everyone kind of chuckled, and then i said playfully "cathy, i'm not that kind of girl! hee hee! get OFF me!"

immediately cathy, and alberto both simultaneously fwipped their heads towards me and went, disgustedly "whaaat?!?!" my grin froze on my face as i moved my eyes to look at them like 'woops.'.. the manager, mary, came over the radio and said "i can hear you! red light!" meaning borderline being written up.

no one talked to me for the rest of the night. i was immediately turned into the massive social perverted outcast, because i had jokingly cracked a pun that involved lesbian sex with an 19 year old. i tried chuckling with deb or cathy, saying that what i had planned to say ended up coming out all wrong, and even apologized to cathy. nothing helped.

once again, i freaking HATE that job. i want out.

but i need money.

and also, note to self: whenever someone is coming through your line and buying a Christian card making software kit, do not, and i repeat: do NOT, make comments about hiding qualudes and vodka under your register. they will not find it funny, and it will make your worker/customer relationship strained VERY quickly, no matter how fun things were before that.

my dearest oldest online friend, Rupert, called me today. it made me happy. we both learned that only American cats whistle.

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