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so... who all will be at brosely's bday party this weekend?

will you be a ninja? or be ye a pirate? *arrr*

i don't have a costume. so i may just be plain aubkabob. *nod*

today is d-day, moving day if you will. most likely, anyway. dunno how long it will be until i have access to the internet via my computer yet. i need to get a router or something like that? faetal says that i can use hers when she's not there, so that helps :D

anyone ever hear the Better Than Ezra remake of the Bill Withers song "use me"? yeah. i woke up with that song going through my head as i tiptoed through a sleeping household to go potty, then make coffee, it building up to the horn filled creamy middle, making me want to shake my money maker.

i don't think i've been dancing since i left phoenix.

i hope my stereo still works after sitting in dust for 8 months. i hope i still have everything i need to connect it. *frown*

i wanted to make mixed cds for a couple of people, but most of the songs i want to do are on MY computer and i dont have a cd burner. so there. neener with your mixed cds. *bah!*

thought there was something else i wanted to tell yous (besides the fact that i get to move in a RAGING massive wind-and-rain storm), but i can't remember. maybe i shall in a bit.

*throws everyone a kiss*

she kept her head close to her heart
waiting for the one worth writing
and everybody's read for the part
she took center stage and proclaimed
"can't you see that i've been lost so long?"

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