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i'm officially home.


andrea drops me and my stuff off, and goes to work. i suddenly have SEVEN HOURS completely to myself. after thinking about it, i have not had that much time to myself since rolling into town back on april 22nd.

and i had no internet.

so, lessee, what did i do?

- 4 or 5 loads of laundry, including my comforter, my sheets, my pillowcases, my pillows, my uniform, some random clothes that i haven't even seen since before i moved, sockies and undies..

- i bathed.

- i ate rice and a pot pie.

- i worked on the blanket i started for brosely for a gift when he graduated from HIGH SCHOOL. yes, same brose that will be TWENTY THREE on sunday. i'm horrid at finishing crafts.

- i replied to a bunch of ancient email in my inbox (can't send it yet, so who knows how long it will sit there?)

- ate more rice.

- unpacked a lot of my stuff, and moved it all upstairs.

- set up my computer (this is all obviously not in order.. yes. i replied to my email, THEN set up my computer. smartasses.)

- reinflated my bed (this is a MUCH bigger feat than you would think... my foot pump for it was.. well, it had been eaten in several spots by small kittens back in days of yore, which i found out about an hour after standing there and pumping away. so i had to blow it all up manually. with my mouth. whew.)

- drank tea.

- watched thursday night on nbc.

so here i am. HOME. MY home. wow. i'll be happy once the feeling that i'm housesitting for faetal passes.

still dunno when my internet will be up and running, so i shall talk atchas later (i'm on andreas comp at the moment..)

and now i'm freezing and i have to pee, and i must work tomorrow at 8 a.m...

i've been waiting
waiting is the hardest part
lying sleepless
thinking bout you in the dark
i've been bottled up
wound just like a coiled up spring
and the memory's just fading now..

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