Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

happy birthday blackbrilliance and xyro!!!!

with that having been said, i'm very happy to be home.

even happier to see i'm officially networked, even if just temporarily. i can't thank my roomie(s) enough :D


day started out shabby.. got DRENCHED within a block of my house, then i decided to cut across a parking lot on my walk to work. i'm whistling along, and then drat! my left foot steps on a tall rock and twists. i land on my turned-over ankle, then with a loud curse, fell to the right and on my face. well, not ON my face, my hands broke the fall pretty well, actually. so i get up and look at my puddled pants and glare/limp/stomp the rest of my way to work. in retrospect, i think it's funny. i saw a car pull into the parking lot the same time i did the lip skid across the pavement, so i half expected them to clambor out and rush over 'omg! ma'am! you okay?!?' nope. nada. i also think it's funny that there wasn't really an exclamation, so much as a grunted and angry "FUCK." the second it happened, i knew i was goin DOWN.

after a block of sullen mental cursing, i finally took of my sodden gloves after the fiftieth time making a fist and having water pour out of them.

i had nice 'rug burns' on my palms for the first half of the day, and couldn't hold anything. now, i just have a bruise and a scrape on my right palm. looks kinda cool, actually, makes my old carpal tunnel surgery scar really stick out, all greusome like. *prods at it with her left index finger* i dunno if i hurt my wrists or not.. they did take the most of the brunt of the fall, but they don't hurt too badly.

the rest of the day was.. meh. nothing overly exciting.

didn't sleep well last night at ALL. every little pop, squeak, click, and other woke me up. i'm assuming that the second night in my place will help me to sleep better.

my roomies are gone now (i automatically include Joel as a roomie, incase anyone was wondering...), no one was home when i got here, but that's fine... i'm going to bed.

luff yas.

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