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finally home!


okay, fine, so i got home at about 1145. sucky sucky. long freaking day, filled with hundreds upon hundreds of angry Christmas shoppers.

e freaking gads.

i hardly drink, but even IIII came home tonight and poured me a captain's and coke. yummy. liver damage is my favorite. my bosses think i'm joking when i tell them that i think i'll become a raging alcoholic, but only until the holidays are over.


okay, so i'm joking.

i so wish i could find my little disk thingie with all my lj icons on there. i'm missing so many, and it angers me greatly. well, not even angers, but certainly saddens.

lost more lj friends today. i'm concerned as to where atariprincess went.

and happy birthday, aubbieincognito!!!

i so need to do my Christmas cards, but i also have NO clue as to where my address book is. seems nothinganything was right on that one.


*sips drink*

whew. seems i've made this a bit strong. meh? no workie tomorrow morning. just sleepie.

turn summer trees to bones and ice
turn insect songs against the night
with words we build, and words we break
i'm drunk, drunk, drunk in the gardens and the graves...

*edit: i think i made our rdinks too strong. herrrr. and i need to peeee. makes for fun giggly game playing though. not the pee part.

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