Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

and nasagirl reminded me of something i've been planning on doing, posting links to what i was doing a year and two years ago.


December 10, 2002 (notice the dream i had mentioned?)
December 11, 2002


December 6, 2001 (i hadn't had online access back in 2001, so my post about my nasal surgery was the closest i could come..)

so, seeing as december 11th last year, i posted my year-in-review (ironically, i had been meaning to find that post, and found it easily by pulling it up exactly one year later...), i shall update with my life once again:

Accomplishments from a Kabob in the Year 2003

i was single the entire year.
i spent my birthday in Mexico on the beach.
i quit drinking completely from October 2002 until said birthday in March.
i met two guys in phoenix that made me realize that all men aren't as evil as i had begun to think. (thank you, Chris and Brian)
i came to terms with something severe that happened to me in my past, and began to heal.
i made thee hardest decision i have ever made in my life, and left my life in phoenix, after 8 years, behind.
i put on an undisclosed amount of weight, which i am now successfully getting rid of.
i renewed my relationship with my brother and my mother.
by taking a step back because of my move, i have made myself a stronger, more understanding person.
i've kissed 3 boys, two of which were gay.
i've kissed 2 girls.
i am now more comfortable on stage.
i now know that i can actually handle the 'stress' of playing.. by myself... on a lit stage in front of a lot of people.
i remember again what it was like when i was 18 (no car, living with my mommy, part time retail job.. all i'm missing is acne.)

i can't think of anything else at the moment, i'm fuhreezing and need to get ready for work. i'm also slightly decaffeinated.

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