Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, frobear!!!!

reading people's reactions to RotK, makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOO want to go see it *weeps openly*

i have a new friend? say hi to aubmcbob ... tee hee freaking hee! quiver in fear beneath the aub-bobs! ha!

in case you couldn't tell, i woke up in a TREMENDOUSLY good mood. i opened my eyes, and felt like something was... different. then i noticed that i was looking at BLUE around my shades instead of the same dreary gray overcastness that has plagued our nation for months now.

yes, folks, i woke up to something that RARELY happens in the pacific northwest during mid december:

a completely cloudless sky.

freaking BEAUTIFUL.

i've never ever been a creature of the sun. ever. i revel in my paleness (such as it were), and always have. i've always feared the sun giving me cancer and causing me to age faster.

but this morning found me opening the blinds in my bedroom completely, to sit on my air mattress and grin at the beautiful little birds frolicking in the trees outside, just as happy to see sunshine as i was.

(*quick sidenote to self* self? if you ever reach forward and dust off your computer screen again, make darn sure your coffee isn't sitting directly underneath it. ew. o_O)

so i came downstairs, opened the blinds in the livingroom and on the patio door, and merrily made my coffee, all the while having the theme song to sesame street going through my head.

it's the kind of day where i want to wake everyone up and say "LOOK! LOOK! COME SEE!"

but i shall restrain myself.

for now.

sunny day
everything's a-okay..

i shall now leave you with Coney in all his naked glory. anyone else see that skit? where the girl wanted to sue him for sexual harassment?

"you said nice ass!"
"no, i believe what i said was 'nice shoes'... let's take a look at the video.."
*video plays*
"hey! nice shoes!"

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