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i've decided that snarfing odd greek food before bed is a bad thing.

odd dreams, filled with wondering around an abandoned Greece, wearing a toga, and looking at all the ruin... getting odd severe flashbacks to what it looked like in it's prime, all the beauty and glory.

i remember the little sandals being a tad uncomfortable to run in.

i also remember coming across this car... there was a dead stuffed baby (compared to a live stuffed baby?) in a car seat in the back, and the driver.. you see, there was this bicycle.. the rider had somehow slammed into the window, causing the front wheel to .. well, the spokes were stabbed through the driver's head. both the driver and the rider had died there, both were withered husks.

i remember standing there, gazing at the car, the bright sun behind me, and staring in fascination that the bike rider was wearing such an odd orange shirt.

and oddly, i just now put together the correlation between pita bread and a Greek dream.

caffeine would be a good thing.

whatever i fear the most is
whatever i see before me...

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