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happy birthday, _nightsky!!!

i so don't wanna go to work. not because i hate my job nearly as much as i used to, but there's the whole 'EFFORT' thing. i would rather stay in my pajamas, drinking coffee or tea and catching up on 2 1/2 month old journal replies or dinking on neopets.

i have a guild to run, you know.

it's sunny out, so i may actually enjoy my walk to work. unless, of course, the sun is blaring directly into my eyes during the walk. being here during the winter has made me even more of a sun wimp.

i actually have THREE NIGHTS OFF this week! granted only one full day, Christmas, but still.. tuesday, thursday, and friday nights are MINE! *heinous cackling ensues*

weird long dreams last night. kind of a mix between the wheel of time series, everquest, and something i had seen somewhere... right before i conked out, i read Thom say something to Mat about how he had met a woman who was beaten by her husband all the time, and he tried to rescue her, but she kicked him in the shin and told him that she loved her husband and ran back to him... in my dream, i was the woman. i remember peeking my head over a wall and seeing some.. Aes Sedai, perhaps? but i didn't want to get too close, cuz i didn't want them to aggro on me. and i kept trying to con them, to see if i was indeed KOS, but i couldnt' get my mouse button to click on them (i was Egwene at the time, and carried a mouse around in my pocket for such needed occasions)...

but i must get ready for work. pfeh.

When i wake up in my house
i get dressed and then i get lost
i don't know
which way to go
so i'll have a cup of joe.

where the hell was i, anyways?

so i end up on the street
walkin', talkin' to my own beat
in a fog
and in a haze
i was trippin out for days...

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