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(non existant) new years....

looks like i'm doing squat on new years, save maybe sitting in my apartment and getting drunk by myself.

my schedule for this week:

today, sunday, december 28: 11 am - close, office max
monday, december 29: 4 - close, office max
tuesday, december 30: 7 am - 130 michaels, 4 - close office max
wednesday, december 31: 7 am - 130 michaels, 4 - close office max
thursday, january 1: off completely!
friday, january 2: off completely!


i will more or less be working 5 shifts, back to back, with very little sleep in between ("close" means usually around 11 pm or later)... i had BEST be home by midnight, even if it's just to crack open one of the 40's of 211 my brother gave me for Christmas, and play Mario roms on my computer. my poor roommate is going to be drugged to the hilt, poor girl, and shouldn't mix with alcohol.


this will be .. i dont' want to say 'lousiest', but the most.. dull? new years i've spent in for forever. cept the one where i didn't drink anything, and ended up driving idiot drunk people over to some creepy person's house after the bar closed, where there was nothing for me to do but twiddle my thumbs and get sick from an allergic reaction to something in their place...

i so don't want to work this week.


i do get the first two days off in a row from both jobs that i've had in for freaking EVER, which makes me happy. AN ACTUAL 'WEEKEND'!!! *dies*. it's nice to know that i have two days off to nurse a hangover, should the need arise ;)

ya'all have a good day.

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