Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo


er, a snowdog, rather. faetal and antialias did the snowcouple. hopefully, we'll have pictures ;)

in coming back from my lunch tonight at about 730, i saw a couple of snowflakes, teensy little ones, dancing lightly through the air. i figured that would be the snow they were talking about.

when we left at 930, only two hours later, well over an inch (maybe 2?) had fallen.

i will tell you. nothing. and i mean NOTHING. is nearly as hilarious as driving home with an Aussie that has never driven in the snow. we're driving in 1st gear.. people are driving around us.. she's leaning forward intently, apologizing out her window to every car that zooms by... "i feel like i'm taking a driving course! i turn up here? should i indicate?"

hilarity ensued.

in walking up to my apartment, i saw a couple about my age (and by 'my age', it can mean anywhere from 20 - 30 years old), walking through the parking lot and around the fence to go play in the park. as i walk up to my apartment, i'm thinking "are those two kids out making snowmen? aww! wait. are those my neighbors? wait! those are my ROOMMATES!"

so we played in the snow.

we ate the snow.

it was fun.

i had forgotten how.. quiet.. everything is when it's snowing. i had forgotten the alien beauty everything takes on under a layer of snow. i had forgotten how otherworldly it all feels, to just be outside and just.. be... in the snow.

tonight was a very peaceful night for me.

thank you, Mother Nature.

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