Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

good morning, all of yous!

great GREAT fun was had last night - faetal and i popped open the boxed wine mom gave me for Christmas and played DrunkenEverQuest(tm). i joined their guild (which i am certain will make brosely not happy...)

we made wine slushies with the snow in the front yard.

we discovered that spilling wine while getting the snow makes it look like we slaughtered several small animals under the full moon.

we discovered that boxed wine sneaks up on you - one second, you're fiiiiiiine, the next? you're foooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiine wit da wooooooiiiiiiiiiiiine, yo. egads. four gigantic mugs was ENTIRELY too much.

leveled Little Laeka(tm) to 51! woo! she can now get AA points AND is a Cavalier! wooo! ride 'em cowboy! *turns to smite someone with her gigantos Cloud Strife-like sword*

made new friends, although i don't think that being stupid drunk is the best way to make a first impression with the guild leaders that you are grouping with.

didn't go to bed until 330, i think the clock was telling me.

alarm went off at 5, i didn't hear it until 7. called michaels, it rang and rang and rang and rang and rang and rang and rang. called office max, it rang and rang and rang and rang and rang and rang and rang. went back to sleep.

received call at 745. i slap at the phone. "aubrey? this is denise. (the All Mighty Store Manager From Michaels. that's her official title. they abbreviate it on her nametag. Denise: AMSMFM.)" i panic. "I TRIED CALLING! I SW-" "we're not opening today." "EAR. ... wha?" "the roads are too icy, i don't want to risk anyone's life, so the store is remaining closed." "mkay." "go back to sleep." "schmokay."

received a call at 8. "*chipperest voice ever heard at 8 am*HI! is DREW there? may i SPEAK with DREW please?" "he doesn't live here. and i don't have his new number. schm'okay?" "oh. bieeeee."

woke up at about 1130. thought i was going to DIE. egads, i had forgotten all about the cheap hangovers left in the brain of those that drink cheap wine. tried to call in sick to office max, they laughed and said they're closing at noon anyway, and to get some rest.

so i have the day off! woo! *jumps up and down* *clutches head in agony*

which i shall start enjoying, RIGHT after i get rid of this monstrous silly thing of doom inside my skull.

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