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definitely, baby, cuz a yes is a maybe and a maybe baby means....now?

I'm in a much better state of mind and health of being, and i cannot thank all of you for all your wonderful well wishes :) sorry that i'm behind in responding to everything, i'm finally starting to get over my severe antisocial behavior, and starting to venture out in the world now... first is band practice... next? the world. or pv mall. who is to say?

last night was actually a phone night. yes, the auberiso, who normally treats the phone like it caries the bubonic plague, spent lots of quality time on the phone... first, nutty called to chat and to make sure i was going into work *cough*, then littledevi called to see if i could make it out with the girls (due to still feeling woozy and being broker than... whatever really broke is, i couldn't...)... then frobear called to see how evrythin wuz, and this morning, it was beloved nikkiegirl.... i can't thank you all enough for that. i truly feel of much lighter spirits after speaking with all of you. *blows kisses*

so, time to hop in the chower and get rid of the cloud of black flies hovering over my head, then off to band practice, so we can see how much my voice hath been tortured through my bout with the flu.

only a few days till brosely gets here! *dances a jig*
Tags: depression, phone hate

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