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a day in the life of an office max worker....

happy birthday, chirogrl!!!

odd, exciting adventure things keep happening at office max.

sunday: awhile ago, when we were slammed, a lady came in to return a day planner and two cartridges, saying that she got them as a gift, the cartridges were smudgy, and she didn't have a receipt. because we don't return ink cartridges w/o a receipt, i call a manager over. mary k. says 'no, i'm sorry.' the lady and her friend start completely going off on me, while i have at LEAST 12 people in my line, all of them glaring at me already because a) there was no one on the floor to help them, and b) the line had already been held up. mary finally came over and let them do the return. later, we opened the dayplanner (don't ask me why i didn't do this at the time), and saw it was from 2001. the cartridges were both empty. we voided the transaction, so that when the customer tried to use the gift card, it wouldn't work. sunday, the customer came in as i was running customer service, and stood not 5 feet from me, telling the manager how i was OBVIOUSLY not doing my job, because i didn't check those while she was standing there doing the return, and, by default, she should get to use the gift card. scott told her to take a flying leap, but here's your empty cartridges back, ma'am.

monday: a lady writes a business check for $200, HANDS THE MANAGER HER REAL DRIVERS LICENSE, the manager puts her info on the check, calls the business, the business says "ARREST THAT WOMAN!", so the police are called, the lady runs out the door, the manager, Roxana, has to pick her out of a lineup, etc.

tuesday/yesterday: i'm at the register near the door, i see a man walk briskly towards the door. another manager, Tony (a little guy, 5'4" or so), is chasing him, saying "SIR! SIR! I NEED TO SEE WHAT'S IN YOUR JACKET! SIR!" Tony blocks the guy's way out of the store. the guy says 'what do you WANT?' Tony says "i can't let you leave, sir, until i see what you're hiding in your jacket.' i then see the guy start FIGHTING with tony, tony fighting back, and see the guy push tony out of the way and into the street. cops are called and spend a good chunk of the evening there. (this all happened during a big visit from corporate.)

today: i'm on the phone near the entrance, returning a customer's call. a customer walks in and starts talking to me. i go to look at him as if to say 'um.. can't you see i'm on the phone?', and he says "i'm sorry, miss, if i could get a moment of your time, THERE'S A CAR ON FIRE in the parking lot." i look up and see a car-b-que raging full force, gigantic flames consuming the entire car, and thick clouds of black smoke billowing from the win-co parking lot and completely covering barnes and noble. i call 911, (from their clipped response and hanging upping of the aubreying, i assume they had gotten a zillion calls before mine) and about 15 minutes later, the fire department finally shows up.

i wonder what tomorrow will bring.

too many lost links in a chain passed down
through the years
but ending here, if we just face the pain
and the fear....

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