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happy birthday, skyblueandblack!!!

so.. hung... over...

got BEYOND drunk at Chronis last night. egads. began the night with tequila shots, then rum drinks (there may have been a splash of coke for coloring in there somewhere..)... sang blondie and train. twas fun.

shared a moons over my hammy sammich that i almost don't even remember with adamsloco...

before then, we went to Spartacus and to a used music store, where i got two cd's: Better Than Ezra's How Does Your Garden Grow (finally replaced that mutha after it was stolen from my jeep two years ago..) and Flickerstick's Welcoming Home the Astronauts. but my cd rom isn't playing again, so... *shakes fist angrily at drive*

i don't think i shall accomplish much today... *drinks more water*

don't get me started
i don't really know how to talk to you about this
and i really don't want to start it
only to find out we've ben talking about all the same things
a hundred million thousand times before

*edit - composed this this morning when i had woken up, but couldn't post until now, due to lj being down...

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