Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so, my official department that i am now "in charge" of at michaels? the creepiest department of all. the mini goth in me squeals in glee at the creeeeepyness of it all.

you ready for this?

my official department name, the department that i have complete control over now, what i am in charge of ordering, organizing, etc.?

it's called....



that's right, folks, i'm now in charge of the misc. department at michaels. okay, so you're probably going O_o and wondering what's so creepy about Miscellaneous.

welp, i get to take care of:

- glass and porcelain paint and etching supplies
- felt
- foamies
- pipe cleaners

hee hee. i just love saying 'yeah. i'm in charge of DOLL PARTS.' it sounds almost like i rip up childhood relics and stack them on my shelves.

granted, it's not the section i would have picked had i the choice (i probably would have wanted memory, with the scrapbooks and stuff, but that is already taken), or the acrylic paints, but i'm happy because it's one of the out of the way aisles, so people won't bug me as much. woot. and i may or may not be taking care of Party, too, it was on my list of things to take care of yesterday in my training, so i don't know yet. that would be fun. i get to order confetti. and tape. woo.

in OTHER news, at office max - in looking at my schedule next week, i'm only being scheduled for the cash office, meaning that i'm the main customer service desk closer at night (at least until stef gets back at the end of the month..) this makes me happy, because i get CONTROL of counting the store's income for the day. they trust me. mwa ha ha. (j/k.. about the evil laff, not about the trust...)

in other news besides THAT, i had a complete mental freak out last night, when i thought i had lost, ooooooooh... SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS of office max's money. i had misplaced all 14 of the freaking checks from register 2. i panicked. i even dug through the garbage looking for them.. how could i be so irresponsible? i'm so getting fired, i thought.

turns out, 45 minutes later, i discover i had written something down wrong (for anyone that cares, i had for some reason added reg. 1 and reg. 2's totals together and put it in reg 1's spot, which is why i was off exactly the amount of reg. 2's checks.). i cried. i had had a total of approximately 10 hours sleep in three night's time, which is why i would do such a stupid thing.

but all was found, though i'm sure the manager on duty, ryan, is convinced i'm a dummy pants.

lots of sleep last night (thank goodness) though i woke up almost in tears for a dream i can't remember. something about moving and being forgotten, i think it was. *shrug*

i need coffee.

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