Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i find it funny that it's now the 8th of february (almost typed 'november'), and i've only got two days this month where i've posted. i find that interesting.


yes. i am now accustomed to NO sunlight, unless it's filtered through miles of clouds and lots of rain drops.

i think i may be coming to an end of my recluse state. for awhile now, i felt like not being social at all, just working, and playing everquest. yes, i'm a gimp.

for any everquestrians that care, i now have, as of today:

- FINALLY Lost Dungeons of Norrath and Legacy of Ykesha expansions. i have dyed Laeka's armor dark blue and turned her into a brunette.
- 55 paladin KNIGHT Laeka Villomehn (lake of ill omen).. (half elf) she turned 55 last night, while fighting in the Plane of Nightmare with her WONDERFUL guild.
- 28 Cleric Tipptoe (dwarf).. still haven't come up with a good surname for her yet. *UPDATE: i gave her the surname Farshaw, after the Wheel of Time's Min Farshaw. and Tipptoe is now 30.*
- 14 Bard Aiisha (Vah Shir).. will probably delete this char and make a diff vah shir, as my brother's Harmoniee is taking up one of my slots. if i feel the burning need to play a bard, i can play her.
- 9 Shaman Pamprinn (troll) - i will probably delete this char and make an ogre bst or something.
- 13 Druid Meriamele (wood elf) - meh.
- 2 Shaman Nyneeve (froglok) - cuz i CAN.
- 20 Bard Hamroniee. er, Harmoniee. (half elf) - my brother's bard.
- 10 Necromancer Hylissa (dark elf). - death is fun. soloing is fun. fear my lifetap. it sucks your life for 11 hp. go me.

but i'm bored. i need to clean. i need to do laundry. meh.

but first? i need more caffeine.

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