Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

dood ona bike...

i was harrassed on the way to work today.

i'm walking up 4th plain, minding my own business. i am enjoying the sunshine, beautiful weather, and the wind in my eyes*. i'm humming "both belong" by The Grays under my breath.

suddenly, an older black guy on a bike, rides past me in the street and flips me off.

i wasn't sure i was seeing what i was seeing at first, but his hand stayed there, and he looked right at me, to make sure that i had seen him flip me off. he then pulls into the Shell parking lot ahead of me, rides his bike in circles and into the street, giving me the finger the entire time and glaring at me.

i begin to walk slower, and debate going into the shell station.

he then crosses the street where i will be heading, gets off his bike as i walk up to the curb, and starts grabbing his crotch and biting his lip while glaring at me, his finger held up and towards me in all its glory. he keeps looking at the light as if he's waiting for it to change so that he can come back across towards me.

i keep looking at the entrance of the Shell station and back to him.

as cars turn in front of him, he laughs heartily at them and gestures in my direction, to somehow share his mirth as to what he's doing to me.

he suddenly gets on his bike and pedals across the street in the other direction, and down a side road, doing circles around moving cars, causing them to stop and honk. he flips them off and continues down the road.

i was two minutes late to work. i got in trouble. i told them where to stick it.

*obscure MST reference. a cookie to who can name it. and it's not that hard.

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