Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i'm bleeding. quite early, too, i certainly wasn't expecting THAT for another week or two at LEAST. i told a coworker today at michaels that i normally joke around with...

me: "hey jen."
jen: "hey!"
me: "how you doin?"
jen: "good, and you?"
me: "you see... there's these gnomes.. and they're .. nyah high *measures with fingers*, and they're VERY angry."
jen: "oooh?"
me: "yes. and they're all weilding pitchforks."
jen: *raises eyebrow*
me: " and they've set up shop in my UTERUS. and they're...stabbing.. and ... digging.." *makes vicious stabbing and grinding motions with hands*
jen: "......................O_O............"

yeah. no matter who you are used to joking around with, be extra sure they have the same sense of humor as you before telling them about your angry uterus. i hurt, and i hurt BAD. i took drugs, it did not help. i stomped around and declared grumpily to anyone that would listen "my uterus HATES me!"


so anyway ;)

reading the prequel to the wheel of time series. not really any spoilers yet, i'm 3/4 the way through the book, and moiraine just now met lan. the first 3/4 of the book is about moiraine and siuan going through their final schooling at the tower and their testing to become aes sedai, and then leaving the tower to go look for the dragon reborn. quite dull, really. quite quite quite. i recommend it to only those that are die hard fans. one GOOD thing, is that almost the entire book so far looks at the world through moiraine and lan's eyes, which is a nice difference that we really didn't have in the other books. for a change, you get to see why they behave certain ways and such.


work is.. well, work. both jobs today, 8am to 10 pm, both jobs tomorrow, 8 am to 10 or 11 pm. i work michaels 4 days next week, and office max 4 days. good news? only one day that i have to work both. bad news? i don't get a single day off.


i requested the 17th, 18th, and 19th off from michaels, and the 18th - 21st off from office max, so at least i can have a nice lil mini vacation for ME, for my honorary 29th birthday.

a woman came into work today, SWARMING with children. she had 6 of them, i think. they were all hers. when i looked at her i.d. when i was taking the info down for her check, i noticed something:

she was two years YOUNGER than i.

i instantly felt like an old maid.

but yanno... i really don't care for a relationship at this point. in fact, the idea of one terrifies the HELL out of me. i think 'relationship' and i think 'trapped'.

it's quite nice to take comfort in being single once again, something i haven't done for a really really long time.


but i must go bathe now, so that i can get up at butt thirty in the morning and work again.

love yous, miss yous.

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