Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

absolutely pointless post about personal posessions...

and because i'm bored...

thanks to raygunzero, i now have a massive liking for horrid movies.

mom's neighbor is moving out, and is getting rid of all his movies, for 50 cents a tape. i had almost none before hand, so told her that i would take them all. two days later, her boyfriend brings me a box of 40 movies:

the star wars golden box set (3)
My Giant
Hollow Man
Only You
Bride of Chucky
Final destination
tomorrow never dies
enemy mine
the hurricane
devil's advocate
the phantom menace
the three muskateers
iron will
alien arsenal
what planet are you from?
the mask of zorro
anna and the king
sleeping with the enemy
highlander endgame
fools rush in
star trek II: the wrath of kahn
a simple wish
the last starfighter
mystery men
in love and war
the 13th warrior
star trek: first contact
wild wild west
field of dreams
mars attacks
fortress II
the mummy

and i think i'm somehow missing two or three.

but anyhoo...

she said that he found SIXTY more. they are SO mine. who cares if vhs is a thing of the past? it'll save my ps2 motor that way. hell, for $30? not bad. and she says that he has a lot of sci fi/fantasy stuff in that selection, which is FUN.

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