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first of all, i love this meme.... if you haven't already, feel free to reply so i can tell you all how fantabulous you are and why i adore having you around :)

i'm sick. yes, again. woke up yesterday with a HORRENDOUS head cold. coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever. blargh. i'm beggining to think that working retail hath caused me to have the immune system of Bubble Boy. you would think that after almost 7 months of this, that i would have built it up at least SOOOME! grargh.

i'm still toying with hacking my hair off. maybe doing that and going blonde at the same time, though i think that such a drastic change would frighten people greatly. so maybe just an obnoxious red? but wouldn't it be harder to go from red to blonde later, than to go from my natural dark brown to blonde? i just want to PLAY with my hair. it's been forever since i tried to have fun with it.

other than that, not much going on here.

i've noticed that walking in vancouver differs greatly than walking in phoenix. in phoenix, i would get honked at repeatedly, cat calls galore, spit at, things thrown at me, etc. here? everyone walks. or has walked at some point, so people for the most part leave you the hell alone. which is great.

i walk up andresen to get to work every day, and for those that are not familiar with it, the stretch of andresen from 40-something (where comcast is) to 4th plain road has no sidewalk, and it's a massively busy street, complete with freeway entrance (causing me to walk under an overpass)... i still feel quite exposed when i walk that stretch during rush hour, and nervous when i walk it when it's still dark and dead. (there's swampy fields on either side of the road... no one can hear you scream! hee hee)

it's .. weird. i have people wave and smile at me as i'm walking. i've received one, maybe two cat calls the entire 3 months i've been making that walk. once, on my way home, someone in a white SUV yelled out in a man's voice "AAAUBRAAY!". i still have no idea who the hell that was.

i do get hit up for change quite a bit from transients, and from teens that HAVE to be on SOMETHING. (trembling teenage boy, 6' tall and weighing two pounds, disheveled hair, mucky glasses, and pockmarked face asking 'you wouldn't happen to have a quarter, would you?')

there's birds. pigeons have set up house under the overpass, and all freak out and fly away, to lit on a street lamp just outside of the pass every time i walk through. i left them a chunk of pizza once on my way to work. the chunk is still there days later, it looks like they took a bite and then snubbed the rest.

there's Chester. he's the raven (or is he a crow? i don't know the difference...) that has set up shop in a little field next to Jack in the Box. he's there every afternoon, rooting through the grass and puddles for food, pausing to sit up and caw his face off at me for walking by. Chester cracks me up.

on my way to work yesterday, i found a bird head under the overpass. just a head. no body anywhere. was it a cat? did the other birds get angry that it came into it's area and pecked him to death? but could they eat bones? and why stop at the head?

anyhoo. i'm done rambling. i need more coffee. and i'm out of dayquil. boo hoo.

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