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went to bed last night with a VERY upset stomach after having ate my weight in Twizzlers(tm) for no good reason at the end of my shift (in all fairness, i shared with coworkers...)

had thee worst dreams... thee most emotional, horrible things on EARTH. i spent one half of my dream hanging out with someone that meant the world to me, thinking they felt the same... then to have them decide that they would be much happier with Elizabeth... all that after spilling my guts to them about how much i adored them, how long i had wanted to be with them, how much i cared for them.

just to have them say "well... i didn't know you felt that way. i'm not officially dating Elizabeth. but let me call her really quick - after talking to her, i can make my decision."

just to not come back himself, but to send a messenger saying 'i'm sorry, aubrey...."

i cried. i sobbed. i holed myself up.

my best friend Peyton called me on the phone to tell me he was in town, visiting his good friend Elizabeth. although i missed peyton oh so very much, i had to decline seeing him, because in my utter grief, i couldn't handle seeing them together. i knew it was the same Elizabeth, because the cell phone number on my caller i.d. was HIS number.

so i woke up all ... sad... and angry... for no reason. i woke up feeling.. lost... hurt... and most of all, completely rejected, like no one would want me, and if they did want me, it would be only if their first choice had said no.

i hate so very much how dreams can overshadow your emotion for the day.

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