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pardon my french, my japanese, and my latin...

but oh my FUCK, it was a SHIT day at work.

out of a trillion customers, only a couple were civil. i got talked to like i was 3 years old with the attention span of a dust mite on several occasions. people were WEIRD. i got yelled at by one customer because of the fact that she DID get a rebate on an item. "well, these whole things are STUPID! i REFUSE to do them! i don't KNOW why in the world YOU PEOPLE even EXPECT me to.... *blahdiblah*"

most intriguing part of the evening, though, was when i heard the following announcement from a manager over the radios:

"um. there is currently a child pooping on the furniture pad carpet. can someone please locate the kid's parents?"

i totally thought i heard it wrong.

the kid was about 10, had a bad case of diahrreah (sp i'm sure), and just pulled down his pants, and WENT. didn't just GO, mind you, but walked all through the furniture pad, dripping liquid poo in a trail all through the desks and chairs.

the manager finally found his mother, and the mother looked at the poo, looked at the kid, grabbed his hand, and left. no apology for the ruining of the carpet, no gesture at helping to clean up her kid's fecal matter, just... left.. without a word.

yeah, i would say it's a full moon.

i then finished my shift and walked the half hour walk home, because i was tired, i was cranky, and needed to get the HELL away from Vancouver Plaza.

thank GOD, inventory comes only once a year. management was EVIL because they were stressed, and because they were evil, we were stressed and bitchy as well.

i need wine. or beer. or a nap.

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