Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

maybe being blonde isn't a good thing, at least for what it does to my hair.

i took a bubble bath last night. i came back later after the water had drained...


... and it looked like a large blonde gorilla shaved itself in our upstairs bathtub.

i've been paranoid about bald spots all day, and even thought i found one, but it turned out to be a cowlick.

it's fun (and different) for me to be blonde, but maybe i'll grow my hair out a teensy bit and go annoyingly bright blazing RED. just cuz i can. and dying my hair once red would be SO much better to it than bleaching... sometimes bleaching again... and then toning... and you do get those amazing little tubes of yummy conditioner in there, too.

we'll see.

i'm not dating anyone (actually, if i ever made an annoucement that i WAS, i think several people would fall dead instantly, immediatly after turning to each other and quixotically saying 'i thought she was GAAAAAY?!?!?' *death*), so i don't really have to worry about looking attractive to the opposite sex (especially since i'm not even remotely INTERESTED in anyone atm), but even so, i would prefer to not spend my single life BALD. or baldING. thanks.

i'm rereading (as i'm reading the world of time series, currently on book nine, kaythanks) the Death Gate Cycle by margaret weis and tracy hickman. i forgot how FUN this series was. back when i was a teen, this was my absolute favorite book series OF ALL TIME. haplo was my favorite character, i was SO in love with him. love love love.

i'm just sad that the only book in the series i currently have here is Serpent Mage. all the others are still in phoenix. *pout*

anyone else ever read this series? i remember finishing that one, being amazed and happy and ecstatic with it, and trying to get the same joy out of other weis/hickman stories, but none that i read began to touch on it.

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