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how cheesy and wonderful IS this?

I watched you bathing in the moonlight
I heard you crying in the wind
Oh, every day is just another symphony
Of angels singing praises in your name
Look up can’t you hear them calling

It wasn’t very long ago
That you and I believed in the same things
And now it seems you’ve put our love behind you
And turned away before you understood
You can run but you can’t hide

Can’t you see I’m falling down
Thanks to things I never knew
Don’t you know I’m tryin’ hard
To take this love from you

Oh, the skies are falling
And the seas are drying
Oh, oh, can it be?
The world stopped turning on me

Well, I see you still but that’s just fantasy
I hear you call to someone else
Oh, gazing at a distant cold reflection
And crystal lakes of tears I cried for you
Trying to keep this hope alive..

*wistful sigh*

this was also the first cd that i ever owned. i was SO ecstatic because i found Love and War at a pawn shop for $7, when it was no longer in print and i read of people paying $30 plus to get it Japanese imported (which i ended up doing later for their debut album that i never listened to after i got it, i was a die hard Axe fan, what can i say? I HAD TO OWN THEM AAAAALLLLLL! Stevie Blaze was one of my biggest musical influences as a teen. i was VERY ecstatic later on to discover that i lived in the apartment complex in phoenix right next to the apartment complex where Ron Taylor, the lead singer, lived, which i discovered when i spoke to him online. silly, i got to meet most of my teenage crushes later on or see them live, i.e. Bulletboys, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bang Tango (i giggled heinously as i went up to Joe LeSte and said 'i'm so PROUD of you!' and he looked at me like i had just grown antlers.), got to talk to Brent Muscat on aim as well as a few others. (i still have my Faster Pussycat posters around here SOMEwhere!)

i never realized how SHORT most rawk gawds were!

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