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final rambling musings..

i desperately want to either update my pathetic website or to get the guestbook working, or does someone know of a better webby guestbook? i spose it doesnt' really matter, netscape was being so evil that it wouldn't let me update anything or to even leave a message on the front page, the jekrs.

jadisan's birthday is tomorrow *waves emphatically* and raygunzero's party is saturday, but i work LOTS starting with both jobs tomorrow, 3 to close (at least, i HOPE it's 3 to close) on saturday, and 930 am until close on sunday. may or may not be working monday, both jobs on tuesday, then i'm DONE with the two jobs thing. woo. *waves pom pom in the air in a circular motion*

maybe i can find interest in everyday things again? one can only hope.

in the meantime, i would be VERY happy to find my nebulous capo. it ran away, i'm certain. maybe it's vacationing in maine? i hear it's nice there this time of year. i ALWAYS kept it on Rufus (my Fender), (and though i know it isn't healthy for the strings, but i always knew where it was, damnit!! *shakes fist in mock rage*), and the last time i saw or heard it was when i heard Greg plop down next to my guitar and say 'i'm going to teach myself to play guitar RIGHT NOW! *TWANNNNG!

in looking through the various websites, it's interesting to see how many musicians have died since 'back then', and to see HOW they died. seems like 1/3 died from AIDS, 1/3 from cancer, and 1/3 from auto accidents.

moral of the story? don't try smoking like a chimney and having sex with a needle drug user while trying to drive at the same time.

The jester takes his bows
Slips into the crowd
As the actors fade away
Another death to mourn
Another child is born
Another chapter in the play

p.s., also ironic, i find, that on the page where i found the lyrics to this old metal song, it also advertised the mandolin training tapes and dvds for Nickel Creek's Chris Thile... my old and new musical worlds colliding, no?

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