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I've discovered exactly what i need for Christmas, or an early Christmas present, late birthday present, a 4th of July gift, whathaveyou.

oh mah gaw, it's DELICIOUS! *licks her monitor*

i would finally be able to listen to all my old tapes again! i had TRIED to listen to tapes on my little portable radio, i listened to one side of Poetic Justice when i first got the deck around Christmastime, and .... well, it never opened its door again, let's just say. i pounded it, i pried it, and it sat there, smirking at me with my precious tape held tightly in its mouth.

good thing i also have it on cd.

and, granted, much later on, on a whim, i tried opening it again, and OMG< IT OPEND! did i take the tape out? course not! i just said 'Oh! that's nice!' and clicked it shut again.

i think i heard it gnawing happily on it the other night.

what do you give to a boy who's got it all?
how do you make love to a porcelain doll?

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