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pardon me, whilst i strangle the life out of my guestbook (the turds)..

went out for the first time since *thinks* my birthday party in march! i learned many things by this:

1) if you haven't sung in a very long time, dont get up there and expect to sound pristine, especially if you still have a cold... lingering...

2) my brother is more religious than i remembered

3) i can't drink like i was 23 anymore

4) more alcohol does not a better singer make

5) a reminder of what it's like to be hit on by drunken idiots. and no, my ass is NOT an armrest!

6) apparantly a drastic haircut has given me Superman Clark Kent Syndrome

7) while drinking, i really REALLY miss my mommy

i did have a great time, though :) i hope that jadisan had a great birthday! i hadn't meant to drink more than possibly one drink (sometimes, i can't get over the feeling like i'm an old hag trying to relive her youth with a bunch of early twentysomethings), but then brosely showed up and became wallet and drink moderator. when my brother's in control, i have NO choice but to drink what is handed to me, of course!

i thought it hilarious that in several cases, people that i had hung out with in the past didn't recognize me at all because of my hair. hell, i think that with it back dark, that i look more like my old self than i did when it was bleach blonde! apparantly, not. "you look SO familiar! where have i SEEN you?!?!?!" "um.. i'm jessie's sister?" "WHAT?!?!? OHMAHGAW, YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT!" i think one person even said 'omg, are you SURE?" o_O well, i haven't done a DNA test, but i do remember my mother's pregnancy back when i was 5... they all seemed to like my hair, and those that had seen me blonde had liked the change to auburn. maybe i'll get pics soon to share?

i LOVED the spirituality talk that my brother and i had. it was quite refreshing, as it seems like it's been a long time since i had been able to just sit down and share my beliefs and hear someone else's in return, without heated debate or stubborn blind-sidedness.

i so need to sing more. i don't have the strength i used to, and i don't think that's just because of the cold, either. it was once my greatest outlet, and here i am, not able to even carry a tune on the Bangles 'Eternal Flame' although it's mostly falsetto. jekr throat!

i got drunk off of two drinks and a shot of tequila. i mean DUH-RUNK. i think there was a 3rd drink involved in there somewhere, but i can't be certain. i blame it on my brother. apparantly an occasional beer or glass of wine at the homestead does not build up or keep up alcohol tolerance. at least, there were no embarassing moments of shameless flirting...

while getting another round of drinks and the infamous shots for Jess and i, jess ran back to get my wallet, leaving me at the bar by myself. there was a guy standing next to me that was so drunk that he was crosseyed and swaying. the bartender poured our drinks, and the guy said 'this young lady here will be paying for thish with her GREAT LOOKSH!' i looked at him. and began to gaffaw. i laughed until tears streamed down my face at such a silly and horrid pickup line (as well as the thought of my 'good looks' paying for anything). my brother came back and gave him a dirty look, the drunkard introduced himself to "my boyfriend" (jess and i look nothing alike, so more often than not, they think we're dating instead of related), and they shook hands behind my back. the guy brushed his hand flat palmed across my caboose as he let go of my brother's handshake. i laughed heartilly at the sadness of that, too, as we went back to the rest of the crew.

after leaving the bar, we went to get Muchos Gracias, and we introduced faetal to the wonder that is spicy carrots. "are they just carrot shaped?" in dropping jessie off, i HAD to go in and give my mother the biggest hug EVAR and pet the kitty sleeping on her that HATES me. but, damnit, i LOVED THAT CAT last night! "ooh, da fluffay! *PETPETPETpokesintheeyePET*

i woke up this morning reeking of bar smoke and mexican food.

as fun as these nights are, i'm so happy they don't happen more often. i'm getting too old for this.

Take her arms and hold her down, hold her down, hold her down, hold her down
Until she stops moving
Take her arms and hold her down, hold her down, hold her down, hold her down
Until she stops kicking

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