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once upon a time, there was this old lady clothing store.

one sad day, the old lady died.

one fun day, while the store was having their going out of business sale, three women traipsied in to peruse the old lady clothing and jokingly try things on, en route to the Japanese Gardens.

one exciting moment, the three women found matching old ladyesque lavender brides maids dresses, complete with diaphenous angel-like sleeves and a giant fake lavender flower in the front under the bosom. the three dresses fit the three women perfectly, so they left, bridesmaids dresses in tow for only $5 each.

the three women shall be making an appearance at raygunzero's birthday party this evening, clad in their gowns.

pictures to follow some day, i'm sure.

and oh, how i wish i had little flower clips to put all over in my hair!

and it won't matter now
whatever happens will be
though the air speaks of all we'll never be,
it won't trouble me...

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