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because i'm bored and can't sleep..

didja know?

- the guy that does invader zim's voice, Richard Steven Horvitz, also did alpha 5 in Power Rangers: The Movie as well as the early episodes? (and check out these other Zim voice photos, izzit just me, or does jhonen vasquez remind me a bit of raygunzero? maybe it's just the hair...)

- that the woman that does Miss Bitters' voice, was also the voice of Smurfette and Anastasia from Cinderella?

- Professor Membrane is Squidward on SpongeBob? (and check out the other cast members from SpongeBob and what they've done...)

- one of the Kids in the Hall is one of the Mighty Tallest?

- the voice for Invader Zim in the pilot was the same guy that now does Fry's voice on Futurama?

- the guy that does Bender's voice on Futurama did Khimari's and Wakka's voices for Final Fantasy X and FF X-2?

- that there's going to be Family Guy: The Movie?

- that creator Seth MacFarlane does the voices for most of Family Guy's men, including Stewie, Brian, Peter Griffin, Quagmire, etc?

- that Seth MacFarlane's travel agent accidentally gave him the wrong boarding time for a flight, and he arrived as it had taken off from the airport... only to be hijacked and crashed into World Trade Center One?

- that Lois Griffin's voice lady also played the asian lady on Mad TV?

- that Seth Green is the voice of Chris Griffin?

- that the chick that plays Jackie on That 70's Show is Meg Griffin?

- that THIS is Wakko Warner? (the guy, not the chick, you doofs.)

- that the Annie Awards existed? (The hosts for this one were Rob Paulson, aka Yakko, Pinky, Dr. Scratchansniff, and Maurice LaMarche, aka Brain fm Animaniacs and Dizzy Devil fm Tiny Toons. also pictured in there is Lucille Bliss, aka Smurfette and Miss Bitters.)

- that Miss Julie Brown did the voice for Minerva the Mink?

- that the little girl Mindy's voice in Animaniacs (hung out with the dog, whats-his-name) is also Bart Simpson/Nelson Muntz/Todd Flanders/Ralph Wiggum?

- that Homer Simpson does the voice for Genie in Kingdom Hearts?

- that Lisa Simpson had a recurring role on Dharma and Greg?

- that Derek Smalls from This is Spinal Tap is Ned Flanders/C. Montgomery Burns/Kang/Principal Seymour Skinner/Kent Brockman?

- that THIS is Mrs. Krabappel?

- that THIS is Milhouse?!?

okay. i'm going to bed now.

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