Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i woke up so dizzy today that i could barely stand up to get out of bed. Not good. i'm hoping that after i get some food into me, i'll feel a tad better.

i received a call from the store manager this morning at 830 am:

"hey, aubrey, this is scott. help me to understand something here. i'm looking at the schedule here, and it's telling me 8 am. i'm looking around, and i'm not seeing you. am i ... missing something?!?" I say confusededly "what? isn't igor there?" (i'm sure that question threw him off even more, because there was a long pause, followed by an 'igor? no. he's not here. why would he be here?" "because he begged me on tuesday to switch him shifts today." he seemed upset that no one had left him a note. *shrug* he also called me back in about 5 min to inform me that igor was coming in at nine, that he and betty switched yet again *scritches head*

Quantum Leap is a fun show.

i spent all day yesterday, and i mean ALL DAY, playing X-2. my brother helped me out with the coin game tournament so that we could get the Lady Luck dressphere. hilarity ensued. course, it could be that we were trying to add 3 numbers to get multiples of numbers at 430 in the morning ;)

i shall now commense my breakfast of 'nilla wafers and coffee. thank you.

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