Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

something tells me that this thing right HERE would look spiffy on my desk. dunno why. it just tells me so. martini glass and all.

felt the massive burning DESIRE to fry my hair again, so i ran out and got some red hair dye. so i smell like yummy chemicals. my stink, though, cannot begin to match the stink of faetal and brosely after leaving the perfume aisle at Target. if i hadn't been standing there watching the entire thing, i would have sworn that they had a stench war. but no. they just tried on the scents. ALL of them. okay, maybe not ALL, but i made them drive with the windows all the way down, nevertheless.

i also bought this eyeliner, on a whim. never bought makeup for the container before. reminds me of those cheesy poison vials you see in movies. i heart it.

so yes, i'm a redhead again. now that i'm out of my shampoo that i had put the anti-red stuff in it from when i was blonde, it shouldn't fade to brown, in theory.

and i don't care what anyone says, i have a crush on marc blucas. so neener. also michael vartan, michael weatherly... um.. who else? i'm out of 'm' names. goran visjnic or veesh-nick from er? something with me and broody guys from drama-esque television shows, apparantly. i really think i lall in fove with the character: dr. kovac, logan cale, riley finn, vaughn... *sigh*

welp, i'm bored, so i suppose i'll go upstairs and read. i'm in the first book of the twin trillogy thingie that took place 2 years after the original dragonlance ones did. although done by weis and hickman, also, i'm fighting to keep entertained. *le sigh*

other things learned/experienced today:

- cinamon shakes are to die for. even if they ARE a bit chunky.
- money sucks.
- hotdogs smothered in relish, ketchup, and saurkraut is yet another food to be added to the list of things NOT to order on a date.
- redneck humor can be funny sometimes. but only after a couple of beers.
- you can spank the English, but you must caress a Latino.
- the canned food warehouse RAWKS for cheap stuff and fun sunglasses.
- brother and sister alike have the same 'distracted easily by shiny objects' gene: walked into canned food warehouse, said we were happy to be shopping with andrea for reals..... two seconds before we veered off together to try on silly sunglasses and giggle at each other.

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