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hee hee hee.

weird freaking DREAMS last night. egads. i am forcing myself through the legends vol 1 or whateverthehellitis, cheesy dragonlance novel, war of the twins, time of the twins, test of the twins, sex of the twins, whatever. and i'm at the end of the first book, i wanted to finish reading it last night, because it's finally getting somewhat GOOD. the last thing i read was when Raistlin, in all his creepiness, was reminding Crysania that the Cataclysm was happening TOMORROW...... tomorrow.... and they were surrounded by all these signs that the gods were angry with them and such things.

so i went to sleep and dreamed that mom and i were trying to escape the temporary end of the world, as God was going to hurtle a mountain down upon Phoenix, which happened to be the center of all that was evil in my dream, appparantly. i remember packing what we could drag in a wagon behind us, and how we were trying to make as much room as possible, and HURRY.

i remember standing at a gas station on the outskirts of phoenix, thinking we didn't make it. i watched as zillions of little (what are the little dragons called that have only two hind legs and wings for arms? crap. i need coffee before trying to tell a story!) fly down, spitting fire at all the humans, searing them and burning them to the ground. i remember seeing them fly overhead, feeling the flames surround me and burn me alive.

but then i was walking around afterwards, seeing all the human parts and burned and torn flesh, seeing how few humans survived out of that. a hand here... a kneebone and part of the leg there, a gigantic flap of skin on the cactus off of the road... and thinking about how hard it was going to be for everyone to survive not only because of the physical damage to the planet, but also the psychological damage to the human brain for having been through such an ordeal.

damn. i'm hungry.

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