Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

explosions and the blucas factor

my uterus exploded yesterday. it's feeling much better today, thank you.

weird dreams about running from exploding washing machines that were controlled by an evil mastermind. i would be able to live if i were able to find my way out of this weird corporate building that seemed more like a janitor's building than some corporate bigwig's. i would run through the corodors, the evil mastermind's voice booming in my head, cackling that i was going the wrong way, that he loved to see me run like a terrified animal. i would open doors and see stairs going down, and i would get confused, because i could have sworn that i had started on the ground floor. occasionally, i would open a door and see a washing machine sitting there, and i would shriek and turn to run in terror because i knew that if i stayed near it, i would eventually die, as it would explode, too.

meanwhile, in the dream, marc blucas (of buffy fame) was living in the backwoods of somewhere, going through military training. his best friend kept chiding him, telling him he needed to find some nice girl and settle down, and marc would chuckle and say that there was so many more important things in the world than love. he would do repetative pull ups on a tree branch, or show his expertise with a butterfly knife (i think that worked its way in there because andrea and i saw butterfly knife key chains in chevron last night) and such things. he said he had to go downtown to this janitor's building and help out a friend soon.

back at the ranch, i'm still a runnin, but now i have two female friends. we've been running for days it seems like, and we come across a buffet. i stop and grab some orange juice because i'm parched, and then grab some hotcakes with my hand. the cashier demands to know who i am so that she can bill me. i tell her 'um... katie holmes!' as i stuff my two limp hotcakes in my mouth.

and, um.. that's it.

so it seems like my mini fear at work is coming true: starting next week, i'm officially on days instead of closing, due to the day customer service desk people going to school (damn further education, damn!), so if i continue to get the same days off, i'll be there from 8 - 3, tuesday through friday, and 9 - 3 on sat. but Girl-I-Can't-Stand's schedule may be changing due to her getting a second job, so i might have to start working sundays again. curses. CUUUURRRSEEEES.

angry at EverQuest(tm) because ever since the new expansion went live yesterday, i cannot log on. this makes me angry.

i had one of my usual 'awkward aubrey moments' yesterday, which i will put in a friends only cut, because, well, this one is just a TAD to awkward to share with EVERYONE. but funny.

i should write a book.

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